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The Faculty Staff and Academic Standard

The School is very discreet in selection of its teaching and non academic staff. While the school does not discriminate on the basis of religion or tribe in its recruitment drive, Management places premium on competence, integrity and excellent moral persuasion. All our subject head teachers are graduates with cognitive experience. The school makes it part of its policy to employ professionals in Engineering and business studies as a way of preparing the students for their life long career. The School strives continuously to improve the curriculum/academic content of its programs and activities; surpassing the standard set by the supervising Ministry.

The standard and methods of instruction are being enhanced through regular re-training and participation of our teachers in seminars and workshops aimed at updating and upgrading their competence and skills levels. Constructive criticisms are acknowledged from parents, inspectors and visitors to the schools while opportunities are created for sharing experiences at Parents-Teachers' Meeting, held every term. As a self regulating mechanism, the School has also put in place a program of independent reviews by experts in the field of education and is subjecting its standards to peer review from teachers of other notable schools.

As at today, the Ogun state Ministry of Education has granted approval to the Schools to present candidates for the Primary School Leaving Examination as well as the Junior and Senior School Certificate Examinations. The College has been registered as a centre for West African Examinations Council as well as National Examinations Council's examinations.

Teacher Student Ratio

Our Teacher - Student ratio is average and thus gives room for easy interaction between students and teachers likewise monitoring of individual performance of students. This has led to improved performance among students and also a challenge to our teachers to perform well.

Adequate Learning Facilities

The School is committed to providing high level standard of education comparable to what obtains elsewhere in the country. Towards this end, our educational and welfare facilities are being upgraded consistently to encourage the students to learn and enhance level of concentration. At present, we have capacity for about 400 pupils in our primary/nursery school and 300 students in our college; far beyond our current level of enrollment. Meanwhile, we are upgrading our existing library, the Information technology workshop and the science laboratories. The millennium complex, recently completed provides separate laboratory for the teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The complex also has provision for an ultramodern computer room, a general purpose hall and a library to serve the senior secondary school pupils. Besides, management is exploring opportunities to acquire extra plots within the vicinity to construct one more students' hostel and a recreation centre for students and staff. It is our desire to employ the improvement on our teaching facilities to run specialized programs such as A- level Cambridge for our College graduates in the next few years.