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Our School Calendar for 2017/2018 Session

Find out more about our upcoming events and activities for the session by scrolling through the school calendar.

Extracurricular Activities

The School encourages the students to use their leisure time in extracurricular activities that add value to their knowledge and skills and which help them to utilize their talents. Through club activities, they are able to discover their unique aptitudes and talents as basis for choosing their career and hobbies. By engaging in internal and external competition with other schools, they are able to improve their social interaction with others and begin to build a network of friends with like minds and interest; a crucial ingredient for building a stable and cohesive nation.

School Club Membership

The societies and clubs include; Sadiyyah Stallions - the School football teams & fans club, the Tennis Tiggers - dexterous players of table tennis and their fans, the Olajuwon Basketballers, the Sprinters Club and Ladies Joggers, among the various sporting clubs. The academic clubs include, The Pythagoras Club - for future mathematicians, the Archimedes Babes- for the future physicists, the Microsoft Crackers- the computer gurus of our millennium, Wole Soyinka Club - for the Literary students, Babatunde Jose Vanguards- the future incorruptible press boys, Green Revolution Farmers' Club, Gani Fawehinmi's Babes - for Human Rights Revolutionary Guards, and Fola Adeola Enterprise Club- for aspiring business entrepreneurs.

Of course, in consonance with our vision and mission statements, all students of Sadiyyah Model Schools are members of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria. The MSS Unit in the school is very active and has won laurels in inter-schools competitions on Qur'anic recitation, hadith, fiqiu, siirah and other fields of Islamic religious studies. The school also participates actively in DWM programs, a charity organization of women in profession that mentors young Muslim girls to become responsible and active Muslim professionals.