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Nursery & Primary School

Our Nursery & Primary School

Our Nursery & Primary School is a friendly learning environment that is reassuring for parents and conducive for the students. We have the Creche for babies between age 3months to 1year. We also provide a nursery school for children from ages 1 year – 5 years.

Children receive Islamic Studies, Memorization of Qur’an, Alphabet Recognition (Arabic & English), Reading Readiness, Arts & Crafts, Arabic Language, General Sciences, English, History, Computer Sciences, Physical Education & Health.

The basic components of our structured environment are:

  • Freedom : The child is allowed to move freely around the classroom, talking to other children, working with any equipment he/she chooses.
  • Reality and Nature : An experience of the natural environment is given to help the child achieve harmony with nature.
  • Social Awareness : Through exercises on the care of the environment, care of self and development of social skills, the child gains social awareness.
  • Order : The carefully planned and structured environment develops in the child a sense of orderliness and an awareness of order in the external world.
  • Ambience : The environment is aesthetically pleasing and simple, developing a sense of beauty in the child.
  • Sense Training : This develops the child’s awareness, helps build the required concepts for learning and sounds necessary for appropriate language development.
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