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Secondary School

Generally, we admit new students at the beginning of every new academic year which begins in September. Entrance Examinations into available classes, especially, JSS1 and SS1 are conducted in April and May. Notice of the examinations are published through the media and leaflets circulated to the public well ahead of the dates of the examinations. Our websites are also updated from time to time and provide up-to-date information on our admission policies and examination processes. Forms are obtainable directly from the School from the links below.

The examination into JSS 1 covers English Language, Mathematics and General Paper only. Examination into JSS 2, SSS1 & SSS 2 classes, however, includes General Science paper. Prospective candidates are advised to collect their forms early to enable the School arrange for logistics effectively. Successful students are informed at least 6weeks before the new academic year begins to enable them fulfill conditions precedent to admission and make adequate plan for resumption.

Owing to various reasons, students from other schools may wish to transfer to Sadiyyah Model Schools in the course of the year. Such students are expected to write qualifying admission tests relevant to the class desired and go through a set of interviews to determine their suitability. Successful candidates are admitted if vacancy exists in the particular class.

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